The Wrong Gentleman– by– Louise Bay

My Rating 3.5 Stars
Content Rating 18+

The Wrong Gentleman is the first book I have read by Louise Bay. This hot international romance hit all my must-haves for a page-turning, slow-burning, sizzling romance book. The book is well written, and the characters are entirely developed and grow throughout the book.

The author takes us from Ohio to the South of France and then to one of my favorite cities in the world London. I enjoyed the storyline and loved the whole idea of the rich yachting microcosm where people seem to get whatever they want, but I would have appreciated a little bit more of this in the book. Some twists come at the end, and I did like that, but I just wanted more of the undercover theme, the danger, and the suspense this plot-line could have delivered.

The book in written in a dual point of view going between the two main characters Skylar and Landon. And although I do like internal dialogue from characters, at times it was a bit overdone. I would have enjoyed more interaction between Landon and Skylar. Landon is retired special forces and has a successful security business, which he just sold, so he is taking some time off to relax when a friend asks him to do some undercover work on a luxury yacht. And, did I mention he is broodingly HOT and British? Which of course makes him all the hotter. Can you imagine how the audio of this book will sound? Landon doesn’t do relationships…ever, so when he meets the hot blond, Skylar, he goes for the one night stand. Skyler has had a difficult life, and definitely has trust issues when it comes to men, but not in the usual way. She is solely focusing on maintaining her independence and moving forward with her career as a head steward in the luxury yacht circuit. At the beginning of the book, I liked the way the author portrayed Skylar to be superficial and a bit of a gold digger, but we soon found out there was so much more to her character. Skylar and Landon are two very lonely people and believe they are happy. They have some darkness in their pasts and have built up walls to keep them from ever getting hurt. It was fun watching those walls crumble.

So what could one little indulgence hurt?? This story is about when a one night stand is just not enough. Landon and Skylar’s story was an enjoyable read, and I do look forward to reading more from Louise Bay.

***ARC kindly provided by the author/publisher, this is my honest review.***


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